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[Guide] Player Commands


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Player commands provide additional actions that are not available through the in-game user interface. These commands can be entered by typing them in the chat window, followed by the parameter, if required.


Command  Parameter  Description


! [message] Shout

+ [message] Trade

# [message] Party

@ [message] Clan

$ [message] Alliance

% [message] Hero Voice

"[name] [message] Whisper

Command Channel


[name] Invite parties to command channel

/channelkick [name] Expel a party from command channel

/channeldelete   Disband the command channel

/channelleave   Withdraw from command channel

` [message] Party leader chat

`` [message] Raid leader screen message

Friend and Ignore

/friendlist Display the friend list

/friendinvite [name] Add a player to the friend list

/frienddel [name] Remove a player from friend list

/blocklist List of blocked players

/block [name] Add a player to the block list (ignore and stop trade)

/unblock [name] Remove a player from the block list

/allblock   Block whispers from all players

/allunblock   Remove the whisper block

/evaluate   Recommend another player

GM and Petition

/gm [message] Initiate a petition to the GM staff

/gmcancel Cancel a petition that has already been sent

/gmlist View a list of visible GMs

/unstuck Move a character that may be trapped

Movement, Time, and Recording Gameplay

/loc Display current location in x, y, z

/time Display current in-game time

/sit Sit down

/stand Stand up

/walk Toggle walk on/off

/run Toggle run on/off

/mountdismount Mount or dismount a pet

/start_videorecording Begin recording gameplay

/end_videorecording Stop recording gameplay

/startend_videorecording Start/Stop recording gameplay


/attack [target] Attack the target

/attackforce [target] Force attack a target

/attackstand [target] Attack while in a fixed position

/target [target] Select target

/targetnext Select next attackable target

/assist [target] Choose the selected target

/olympiadstat   Displays the wins, defeats, and Olympiad points for the current period


/invite [name] Invite to party

/leave Leave current party

/dismiss [name] Dismiss from party

/partymatching Look for a party

/partyinfo Display information about the party

/changepartyleader Give authority to a party member (party leader only)


/pickup Pick up nearest object

/trade [target] Trade with the player targeted

/vendor [item] Set up a private store for selling

/buy [item] Set up a private store for buying

/dwarvenmanufacture   Set up a private Dwarven crafting store

/generalmanufacture   Set up a private common crafting store

/findprivatestore [text] Highlight private stores that match search criteria text

/packagesale   Open a private store for package sale.


/nick   Set your own title

/enemylist   Display list of clans on which your clan has declared war but have not declared in return

/attackerlist   Display list of opposing clans which have declared war on your clan that have not declared in return

/warlist   Display list of opposing clans and friendly forces which have mutually declared war on one another

/clanwarstart   Declare war against an enemy clan

/clanwarstop   End a clan war

/siegestatus   Lists clan members within the siege zone (Noblesse clan leaders only)

/clanpenalty   View a list of any clan penalties


/allyinvite [target clan leader] Invite a clan into an alliance

/allydismiss [clan] Dismiss a clan from the alliance

/allyleave Leave an alliance

/allydissolve Dissolve the entire alliance

/allycrest Add the alliance crest

/deletealliancecrest Remove the alliance crest

/allyinfo Display alliance status


/duel [target] Challenge another player to a one-on-one duel

/partyduel [target] Challenge a group to a party duel

/withdraw End the duel early

Instanced Dungeons

/instancezone   Displays the time remaining before you can enter the instanced dungeons again.


/summonattack   Commands a servitor to attack.

/summonhold Commands a servitor to maintain its position.

/seritormove   Commands a servitor to move.

/summonstop Commands a servitor to stop.

/unsummon Dismisses a servitor.


/petattack   Commands a pet to attack.

/petmove Commands a pet to move.

/petrevert   Reverts a pet back to its item.

/petcollect Commands a pet to pick up an object.

/pethold Commands a pet to hold its position.

/petstop Commands a pet to stop.


















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i dont know wen hes posted again wen yes sry and lock or delete topic...


I dont have delet , so.. Locked ,and please if you are gonna make guides , just put wierd guides and not simple guides ok? i will have to lock the other ones too..



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