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WTS WebSite Premium + Painel Shop Item Online for Lineage II

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Saludos a Todos de ante mano en esta Comunidad, traigo un Aporte para aquellos que crean Servidores de Lineage II.


This content has been downloaded from https://www.l2jbrasil.com and once the errors have been corrected and corrected, I am offering the following fixes:

- Connection to the MySQL database, (Installation and Advisory)
- Debug of the queries of all the Material.
- Web Protection System that deactivates the Keyboard Only Allows you to click on the Main Page.
- Purchase system of Any Item, added by its Admin account to the Online Shop Panel, Paying with credits, which the administrator adds to the players to be able to buy the items (These are inserted directly into the Character inventory) now working for all Chronicles in High Definition HD.
- The website includes background music with auto play by Lineage II.
- Optionally you can include custom items from your server on the web.
- System for auctioning items through the web for users through slaid show transitions.
- Donation System 100% Operating and Working (Installed by me + Accessories)
- Option to new Templates to choose (I made some myself), others can also be created adapted to your requirements (this can be more expensive depending on its complexity)
- Admin system for the server with Chat, Kick, Ban, Backup, etc ...
- Includes advice for web hosting, VPS Virtual Servers, Dedicated Servers in Window Server 2008/7, home servers and Private payment servers
- Includes zero errors support until you open the server to ensure proper operation.
- Payment is flexible, consult private options and conditions

My work is guaranteed. In it, I have dedicated 1 year to correct all the errors that these websites originally bring.
Any other questions, I will be happy to answer them.


Lenguaje Español

Este contenido ha sido descargado de https://www.l2jbrasil.com y una vez subsanado y corregidos los errores, estoy ofreciendo los siguientes fix:
- Conexión a la base de datos MySQL, (Instalación y Asesoria)
- Debug de los querys de todo el Material.
- Sistema de Protección web que desactiva el Teclado Solo Permite hacer clic en la Pagina Principal.
- Sistema  de compra de Cualquier Item, agregado por su cuenta Admin al Panel Shop Online, Pagando con creditos, que los agrega el administrador a los players para poder comprar los itemn (Estos se insertan directamente al inventario del Character) ahora funcionando para todas las crónicas en Alta Definición HD.
- la web incluye Musica de fondo con auto play de Lineage II.
- Opcionalmente se puede incluir items custom de tu server en la web.
- Sistema de subasta de items mediante la web para los usuarios atravez de slaid show tranciciones.
- Sistema de donaciones 100% Operativo y Funcionando (Intalado por mi + Acesorias)
- Opción a nuevos Templates a elegir (yo mismo hice algunos), también pueden crearse otros adaptados a sus requerimientos (esto puede ser más caro según su complejidad)
- Sistema Admin para el server con Chat, Kick, Ban, Backup, etc...
- Incluye asesoramiento para hospedaje web, Servidores Virtuales VPS, Servidores Dedicados  en Window Server 2008 / 7, servidores en casa y servidores Privados de pago
- Incluye soporte cero errores hasta que abras el server para que asegurar el correcto funcionamiento.
- El pago es flexible, consultar por privado las opciones y condiciones

Mi trabajo está garantizado. En el, he dedicado 1 año para corregir todos los errores que  originalmente traen estas webs.
Cualquier otra consulta, estaré encantado de responderles.

Press Next Page


WEBSITE Lineage II Premium HD + Base de Datos




Sistema de Registro Premium HD + Base de Datos



Panel de Usuario Premium HD




Sistema de Panel Premium / Compras con creditos/ Agrega Creditos como Admin a Players / Compra Itemns con creditos y se insertan directo al inventario del jugador.








Forum Profesional + Base de Datos HD




Sistema de Conteo Regresivo Premium HD



For more information visit: https://www.facebook.com/lineageservershop/

All this Material Works 100%, Zero Errors, Without further ado, do not forget to like it on Facebook, Soon we will be updating more Exclusive Material for your Servers.


Para mas información visita: https://www.facebook.com/lineageservershop/

Todo este Material Funciona 100%, Cero Errores, Sin mas que agregar no olviden darle Me Gusta en Facebook, Pronto estaremos actualizando mas Material Exclusivo para sus Servidores.


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    • Again, your suggestion is to boost a specific amount of players/clans in-game with gear. We will never do that. The same way we will not offer money for a clan just to join our server. A clan that can donate the money back into the server and get a massive head start, whereas earning money 1 week into the server from events will not give an in-game advantage as our item/service related donations will be balanced based on the server's stage.     You keep trying to convince people that paying clans to JOIN is the same as rewarding WINNERS who play your server anyway and are part of your community. You need to learn to ignore your bias and try and understand what others tell you.   Is money reward system a strong motive for people to play ? Yes. But will people get this reward just for joining ? No. This will simply motivate the people who actually want to play the game competitively to try harder to win by building strong sides, actively farming to outgear their enemies and so on. Basically give life to the server.   Paying clans just to join will result in leaders recruiting any kind of cps without caring much about activity and gear as long as they show up at epics and collect their weekly check.   If you still can't understand the massive difference between these 2 cases, then this discussion is pointless.
    • I think you're the one that don't understand what's happening in this thread lol   He's not "paying clans", he's rewarding the clan winner of the event in real money, there's a big difference.   And yeah, this is not unique at all.
    • I think you both guys don't understand what I try to say here. Of course, it's his money and his budget and his decision what he's going to do with it.   All those posts I made in this topic are based on my own opinion and how I think about this whole fuckery, paying clans to play your server. Why paying clans when you have the option to attract people based on your server concept? Paying clans to play your server sounds to me like you're trying hard to get players because you can't attract them otherwise.   Let's be real, CLANS will have a bigger will to join your server when they get REAL CASH instead of something different. And that is the main reason why people choose to pay clans, right?    And that's obviously not "unique" like you said earlier, because this is what all servers do nowadays. Do you even know what means "unique"? If not, let me explain it to you.   Unique means, being the only one of its kind. For example, your feature about the weapons from higher chronicles which has never been seen before on any interlude project is unique, because it has never been seen before. But paying clans instead isn't, so you can't consider this as unique.
    • Getting money playing is wrong? Should MIR4 and this whole new genre of play-to-earn game be banned? :x   Rewarding the clans in real cash for events is nothing more than marketing, and a really good one if he can afford good amounts. There's so many games that's still alive because of the competition for events like that, most known as "e-sports" lol.
    • Why you not reward them with simply in game currency/farm coin, whatever stuff? I think we both know that when you PAY clans with REAL CASH will attract them more to join your server than rewarding them with in game stuff.   You can't deny that, otherwise you wouldn't do it. Also, the comparison with the football player statement is kinda obnoxious because football teams play in leagues where they can win trophies. Why do they get paid tho? Because they have sponsors, for example. Sponsors are paying teams that play good because they're representing the sponsor in a well position, and teams paying their players, and they get a cut because win/win situation in this case.   Do you understand the difference ?
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