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League of Legends ✅Korean✅ Account Shop丨Sell LOL LCK ACCOUNT

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Maybe you are trying to play Korean LOL, but there is no game account available.
Don't worry, we will solve this problem for you!
Price: USD $7.99 
● 1 Level + custom login ID + custom password + custom summoner’s name (in game name) + custom email address
● This account is a fresh new account, verify your email address, it could be re-activation if got suspended by KR LOL
● Safe account,If you forget your password, you can retrieve it.
● Available to change password and recharge
● Delivery time: within 30 mins (in working hour)
● This is non-refundable
● Able to re-verify (this is important as oversea login could be easily banned from Korean LOL, the account can be re-verify if you got this problem)

Price: USD $6.99 = random + 30 level
Price: USD $13.99 = 30~50 champions + random + 30 level
Price: USD $18.99 = 60~80 champions + random + 30 level
Price: USD $21.99 = 80~100 champions + random + 30 level
● All accounts can be directly use for ranking
● Champions, blue essence, rune pages, skin, ranking are random as well
● Delivery time: within 30 mins (in working hour)
● Not 100% safe
● No any after-sale service for verified account
● Available to change password
● Cannot be recharge
● This is non-refundable
● You should take this if you plan to play Korean LOL for a short time and don’t want to waste your time at leveling
We can provide accounts according to individual needs, and the price is very reasonable.
Payment: Paypal、AliPay、Wechat、Point card

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