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Hi there,
Looking to grow your server with more players? But not enough players? We offer you a full automatic voting service with our vote bot!
Toplistbot is a 24/7 fully automated voting service to get your server more attention on toplists! 1.750.000 votes sent already using our service with over 2000 customers!
Not convinced? Get free trial votes on our website.
The benefits of this service are:
  1. You don't need to worry about proxies, we use expensive residentials back-connect proxies to make sure it looks like it's a real user.
  2. We vote with the same cookies, browser settings, and username every time to look like a legit user.
  3. You don't need to worry about vote removals, we guarantee 100% votes on the top list
  4. You get access to the user panel, you can pause, start, set a new link, or change the voting speed at any time of the day!
  5. We offer a live chat and ticket system on our website, with 10 hours of support a day
These websites are fully supported (still in BETA)
Interested? We offer 20% discount on >100$ purchases. Let us know via the live chat to get your discount.
Contact us!
Skype: meneerpim
Discord: Pim#7972
You don't have to get in touch if you just want votes, it's fully automatic. Just follow the steps on the websites to get the votes.
See you!
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15 minutes ago, l2madws said:

Why you make it.


Our wide support for lots of websites make it expensive, including our costs. We spend hundreds of dollars per month for exclusive residential proxies and browser emulation with unique fingerprints (costs CPU) to ensure quality votes. I don't think that anyone should ask for less. If they do, it's a charity, since the captcha's are already that price.

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