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Hamachi connection l2j



Hello,  i need help resolving one problem that i´m encountered. I´m using  l2mythras share from here for a long time.

We were playing in few people via hamachi connection. Last week my hamachi ip got changed after that noone could log in. I swap new ip4 adress with the old one, everywhere but only local pc where server is located can log in. I tried more things, but so far nothing work so i hope that someone from you guys will help me with it what i overlook.


Server prop :


# ===============================
# Network Configuration Server  #
# ===============================
# IP which Bind Game server, * - all possible
GameserverHostname = 25.63.xx.x
GameserverPort = 7777
# This is transmitted to the clients connecting from an external network, so it has to be a public IP or resolvable hostname
ExternalHostname = 25.63.xx.x
# This is transmitted to the client from the same network, so it has to be a local IP or resolvable host name
InternalHostname = 25.63.xx.x

# AdvIpSystem Make more GameServerIDs. Every Ip should be Protected by a DDoS Guard.
# Your Server will have Success with this system Online.
AdvIPSystem = False

# Address \ port LS
LoginPort = 9014
LoginHost =
LoginUseCrypt = true
# How to request ID of LS
RequestServerID = 4
# Permission to take a different id, if requested busy
AcceptAlternateID = False


Login server prop:

# =================================================
# Settings authorization server
# =================================================

# Host and port for client connections
LoginserverHostname = 25.xx.xx.x
LoginserverPort = 2106

# Host and port for game servers
LoginHost =
LoginPort = 9014

# Accept new game server in a free slot
AcceptNewGameServer = True



Also i edited l2.ini and put here new hamaxi ip.

Server is loading without any errors and i can connect only via pc where the server is


Thanks for every advice and have a nice day guys


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