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Clan ULTRAS Clan Recruiting+Raidcall active players

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Clan Name ULTRAS

Hi All, I'm from greece,my main Class much years is Tank mostly,i play and songer and much others!

I will be recruting new players who will be active 5 hours per day and more,we play c4/c6 chronicles! midrate server's!

Speak Idealy Main languange English/greece/other, IDEALY English !! Write  / Speak 100%.

You can contact me here on skype:Midenistis1,or Raidcall info:14319443 must send invitation to accept you as member,or pm me on Maxcheaters

I invite every one who wants competition  to play PVP,Raidboss/Sieges mostly on Server's

Idealy 16 years ++ in real age. and more,not spammer,and want to hear us!

I am 24 years old and have 12 years experiense with Lineage 2.

I want to make 1 party fighters and 1 party mages, who know how to play.

If you want join to us  you can contact me! Thank you!

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