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EU Server Official (SKELTH) WTS Accounts

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Hi, I'm selling these 3 accounts:

They are my personal accounts, I never sold or bought anything.

I'm still running, I think I'll leave it

With the three accounts you can go alone to do aoe where

you want, or go alone with Spoiler and Necromancer with the

assistant behind. and filter all the materials with the Maestro


(100% Handmade)



Spoiler 57: Doom Set + Art of Battle Axe B+ Jewerly BO + 12CON
Necromancer 55: BW Robe Set + Twilight Knife B + 12CON
+10kk in Materials



Prophet 52: BW lihtg Armor + Dual Sword C 124 atk + Jewerly C + 8DEX + 4MEN
Shilen Elder 54: Zubey Robe Set + Aug Sword of Wispering Death C + 8MEN

+Clan lvl 3 10% +7k rep  2 skills&CC


(No Items)
Maestro 52: All the Materials Learned 100% & Shots D C B + any Items
Warlord 61


I have been playing it for a long time, and I got tired, I look for a buyer, I would prefer to sell the 3 accounts together but I can talk.
I have an idea of how much it can be worth but I prefer that they offer me to have.

If someone is very clear about the prices that put them here, maybe I do not mind selling it. Thank you.


To connect post here or send me a private message


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