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classic [L2J] L2JADE


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L2 Jade
Server site: l2jade.ddns.net
Our forum: l2jade.proboards.com


LIVE start: 07.04.2018 18:00 UTC+1


Classic 2.0

Exp: x300
Sp: x300
Adena: x100
Drop: x3
Spoil: x3
Quests: x10
CRP: x100

Chance: 60%
Safe: 3
Max: 20
New classic improved and solid scrolls available!

No P2W donations (+ donate coins are not tradeable)
No wipes
GMshop in community board up to A grade (no-B grades for adena, A grade recipes&keys for farm coins)
Community Board(Buffer, Global Gatekeeper and other services)
Mana potions
AutoPotion system
Classic brooch system (all 8 jewels are available)
Classic pendants system
New farmzones, easy farm
Olympiad period = 2 weeks 
You cannot use power items during battles, enchant limit +7
Events every 15 minutes

Periodic events:
Reward for taking particular castle - before every siege there will be announce for which castle your clan will be able to get special reward
Reward for top 1,2,3 olympiad points - every week
Reward for top 1,2,3 PKs - once a month there will be reward for PKs - but take care - drop rate with karma is slightly boosted

One-time events:
Reward for first heroes

.gotopk command - using this command you can see karma players who are online and teleport to chosen one
.rbstat command - using this command you can see RBs die&spawn times
.getvotereward command, 10 Sibis Coins for each topzone (Vote coins are also stored in account and you will be able to claim them on live (we'll announce new command before server goes live)).

OBT footage video - Fairy farmzone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Wgk5y3ZgjU



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