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WTS Elo boosting services/ SOLO Q/FLEX Q/EU/RU/TR


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Boosting services~
Boosting up to Diamond 5.
If u don't want to trust me , we could play a game together and let me show u my skills, after that u can decide whether to or not.

Per Division
Unranked - 5$ per win (50$ 10 games)
Bronze V - Bronze IV    $5    
Bronze IV - Bronze III    $5    
Bronze III - Bronze II    $5    
Bronze II - Bronze I    $5    
Bronze I - Silver V    $10    

Silver V - Silver IV    $20    
Silver IV - Silver III    $20    
Silver III - Silver II    $20    
Silver II - Silver I    $20    
Silver I - Gold V    $20    

Gold V - Gold IV    $37    
Gold IV - Gold III    $39    
Gold III - Gold II    $43    
Gold II - Gold I    $45    
Gold I - Platinum V    $50    

Platinum V - Platinum IV    $50
Platinum IV - Platinum III    $60
Platinum III - Platinum II    $65    
Platinum II - Platinum I    $70    
Platinum I - Diamond V            $75    
For more infos u can pm me in email- reykoriven@gmail.com or facebook: https://www.facebook.com/reyourko.
All boosting services will be done in less than a week.
Info needed u to provide me:
Acc name:
Acc password:
Ranked or Flex Q

U pay me 50/50, if u are bronze 5 - silver 5 u pay me $15 in bronze 3.

Quick info about me:
19 years old experienced LoL player, my career began in s2. Speaking Bulgarian,English and Turkish. 
I guarantee fast boost and guarantee that your account is safe. 
Your account data is not saved anywhere and boost will be done professional. (Teamviewer possible)
Payment Metods: Mastercard

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