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WTS L2 Dragon Network Tyr/BD78


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i have to sell 2characters on https://dragon-network.net/.

Tyrant, lvl 78, 3rd class done, subclass q done, PL set, jawell c, Fist A(blood tornado), ~70kk adena, ~13kk AA, 2secret books of gigants(skill enchant), mats(~20kk adena u can take for it). I start/done few quest on... (ketra ally, zero hr(1k++ qi), gc quest(secend), ice merchant cabine(1k qi), baium q, cata quests(blank scrolls for EAA, many DF)...).

Blade Dancer(BD), lvl 78, 3rd done, subclass q done, full C armor/jawell, Dual A(kesha*kesha+2), ~50kk adena, quest started/done(ketra ally, baium q, cata quests, zero hr(1k++ qi)...)


On server top clan often pk on baium so make subclass q was rly hard.  Online grow all time on the server. BD is character rly popular, so u can easy find cp/clan. Server have more than one month, but only top clans/CP have lvl 78+ and sub class done, so tyr/bd what i offer make u of the better player on server. For each char i want 49euro. But we can negotiate(i can make somethink on char what u need or if u buy both char i give u big discount).


U can contact me here, or skype(MowMiBoze). I accept paypal or allegro. 

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