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Clan name : elitesquad

Clan leader : apo

Clan members : 10+
◢Follow EliteSquad:
★ Youtube channel:
★ Facebook page:
★ VK page:
◢Leader contact's
★ Facebook :
★ Sykpe : MrApOcALiPtO
★ VK :

If you aspire to be one of us, ensure that you meet our requirements

- You understand english in spoken and written terms

- You are both competitive and dedicated as a player

- You have experience of having played in clan/cp before

- You are mature and treat your clan members with respect

- You can take criticism without getting upset

- You have decent assisting/positioning knowledge

- You are able to use voiceprogams like discord and teamspeak with microphone
latest fraps


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On 24/11/2017 at 4:48 PM, HarryHoudini said:


nice fraps,seems like u have good community and good organize,very nice video,congratz to ur clan :)



New fraps : 


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