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Good evening everyone,

Last time i felt nostalgia and i wanted to play L2 again,

I tried to find some classic server and i found it:


Our advantages:
High quality server, constant development
You can play all the characters from 1 account at once!
Without wipes.
Premium free every Saturday

Premium free every Saturday!
Daily tasks

Login server is protected from account brute
The site is protected from hacking
You can bind all the characters of the account to your computer (you can list the computers) .lock

Exp / Sp - x5
Adena - x5
Drops of the drop rate - x3, count - x1
Reits has given a chance - x3, count - x1
Reit quest Exp / Sp - x5
Aden quest races - x5

Purchase for Adena

What does the Premium Account (PA)
Exp / SP +50%
Adena x1.2
Drop chance x1.2, count x1
Spoil chance x1.2, count x1
Drop with RB chance x1.2, count x1
Drop from Epic chance x1.2, count x1
Fishing +1 window with 1 computer
Craft chance + 20%
Quest Adena x1.2
Quest Expp / SP x1.2

The cost of the Premium account (Alt + B in the game)
1 day - $0.3
1 week - $1.0
1 month - $3.0

Restriction on windows - 10 windows from 1 computer
Fishing - limit 2 windows from the computer (+2 with Premium).

Castle Sieges on Sundays 20:00 in 2 weeks
Side selection Light / Darkness at the end of the siege for the winner

The Olympiad
The period of the Olympiad 1 and 15 of each month
Days of the Olympiad Friday-Saturday, 2 days a week
Starting points 10
The battle limit for the week is 30

Alt + B: Information (server, raiting, description), Base of Drop, nickname, gender, nickname, title color, premium account
Alt + B: Buy professions
Alt + B: No buff
Alt + B: There is no teleport
NPC Sexy-Shop: scrolls of the exp, runes of the exp, scrolls of buffs, banks of buffs, soul / soul charges
NPC Sexy-Shop: cloacks will be added after the first sieges
.my: a menu with various functions


Website: http://www.l2europa.com


It might intresting for someone, me and my few calleagues will try to come back here once more :)

It is Russian but there is also international part. I hope to see more ENG people there :P

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