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Hi all,

I am playing a Sigel Hell Knight at official EU core server and i would like to know from members with much more experience from me about the  choice i made to play a Sigel Hell Knight...

The truth is that i have never played a tank class before in a low rate server and i really enjoy this class at least in pve right now...i am 87 lvl and i got the common R grade gear and weapon..

Should i reconsider the option to make another class or what?? what is your opinion about this class?? at high lvls are good for pvp/pve??or i am just wasting my time ??? any suggestion or guide will trully help me...

Ty for your time reading this post...

Best regards.. 


P.S : i forgot to tell you that my dual class is Wyrn Elemental summoner for faster farming etc...


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