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L2J Account Manager

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Hello everyone,


I mentioned in L2OFF forum, that we are developing new web-based account manager. Right now, we have two versions of manager - one for L2Off and one L2J so I will post what we already done and if you have some ideas, please, share them with me. :)


Also if you need help with some scripts for your web (also cms) you can share your problem with me.


Right now we are half way in finish and manager has this features:

  • List all of your characters
  • Current game progress to next level (% same as ingame)
  • Stats of character (HP, MP, CP)
  • Items in your inventory (+ images and name of item)
  • Items in your warehouse(same as inventory)
  • Clan if your character have one
  • PvP statistic (other players can see it and for player with the most PvP kills is shiny trophy as reward - that means everybody will see you are the king of the server)


What we are planning to add?

  • New map of available bosses and where they are
  • Crafting feature (you will see what you need for item you select and what you already have for it in your inventory
  • Teleporting(player can once per day teleport himself to selected city - this feature you will be able to turn on/off)

Please give me some ideas what could the manager do better smiley.gif


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I was thinking to start work / share something like this for my project.

Nice to see that someone else is on it. :P

This version of manager will (probably) be free so you can share it as you want.

I don't mind cooperation, if you want :P

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How about contributing on something that already has all of those features, is open source and it is working in a unique way?



It would be nice, but I'm not .NET programmer, so. 

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