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L2 Pleasure  is based on a well known pack which is loved from a big number of people.
We took this pack and brought it to another level. Every small and bug or miss-working has been fixed. Furthermore we have applied more functions and features ready to satisfy even the most requiring player. We keep in mind that the thing keeping a server a fun place to play is to keep in touch with the players' momentum. Thats what our staff going to try for, communication is the key for everything. We'll try to answer everyone's question or petition almost in time. Our staff consists from a team based on real life trust, that means corruption has no way to grow up among us.
Take a look on our features list.


» Xp 9000x.
» Sp 9000x.
» Adena 9000x.
» Drop 9000x.
» PartyXp 1.6x.
» PartySp 1.6x.

Custom Zones
Mimir's Cave - Level up area
Cave of trials - Starter area - S-S80 grade
Ruins of Despair - Solo farming
The Cemetery - Solo/party farming

Custom Items
S-rare weapons
s80-rare weapons
Titanium weapon/armors
Unique Boss Weapons
Dread weapons/armors
Rykros Armor
S-epic weapons

Custom Instances
Kamaloka - Gludin
DVC - GIran
Ultraverse - Aden

Main Towns
Gludin Village - general pvp area
Aden Town
Giran Town/Market zone

Automated Character Services System
Flawless Geodata
No corruption
Auto Loot
Lag free
100% Uptime
Active Staff
Wedding System
Unique Farm Zones
International community
No weight limit
Subclass without quest
Subclass starting lvl = 40
Max Subclasses = 12
All flood protections
Newbie System
Reworked all Skills / Items & Class Balance
Anti - Feed System
Weapon Augmentations
Dueling System
Olympiad system fully working
Heroes every 2 week

Castle Sieges
Aden - S grade gear
Rune - Any gear

Enchant is randomized depending on the weapon grade
Safe +4 Max +25

Event System
TVT event
CTF event
DM event
Domination event
Mass Domination event
Korean Events
Zombie event
Hunting Grounds
1v1 Event
3v3 Event
And more

Olympiad System
*Olympiad S Grade only auto enchanted to 6
Competition period [2] weeks.


Website : http://www.l2pleasure.com/

Forum : http://www.l2pleasure.com/forum/

Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/L2Pleasure-104213090064361/



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