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Skelth >> Prophet Lvl 68, Bladancer Lvl 58


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Selling my chars cuz Im leaving L2 so all the pricez are negotiable PM for more information.

Prophet lvl 67 (it die a couple times xd)  (180 eu +/-):

- All skills learned (haste, DW, GM, GS included).

- Divine Set Jewels C grade

- Weapon D grade with Iss' Magic Regen lvl 6.

- 600 Attendance coins .


Bladedancer lvl 58 (95eu +/-):

- All skills learned.

- Theca Set  and Jewels C grade.

- Weapon of event (no grade).


Warlock lvl 52:

-  Set BW light and Jewels C grade.

- SLS weapon


Adena 1.3eu each kk




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