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  1. As the title says im buying a lvl 58 prophet. send me pm.
  2. This guy stole 1 account from me, in complicity with someone else who took the name of MeVsYou; be aware of this fucking rat.
  3. Like the title says - Prophet lvl 42 with 20 days subs DW learned rune 100xp 2h 12 high grade scroll exp 20 medium grade scroll exp 20 normal grade scroll exp 5 items 100% exp . Add me on skype v.herrera.la or pm here. Payment via Paypal SWS 41(naked) 25eu SOLD - sub until November 19th - 100% exp rune + 12high xp scroll Prophet lvl 67 ----------------------------> 120eu or 105kk ( if you have any other price in mind just pm me) SOLD - All sk
  4. Selling my chars cuz Im leaving L2 so all the pricez are negotiable PM for more information. Prophet lvl 67 (it die a couple times xd) (180 eu +/-): - All skills learned (haste, DW, GM, GS included). - Divine Set Jewels C grade - Weapon D grade with Iss' Magic Regen lvl 6. - 600 Attendance coins . Bladedancer lvl 58 (95eu +/-): - All skills learned. - Theca Set and Jewels C grade. - Weapon of event (no grade). Warlock lvl 52: - Set BW light and Jewels C grade. - SLS weapon Adena 1.3eu each kk