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(Ramona) Feoh 103Lvl (Brooch+Shirt10)

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main: feoh 103lvl ~6%

race: dark elf

dual: iss 100lvl ~15%

brooch:  http://imgur.com/a/WPDGJ

dye: +15int  -5WIT

shirt: shiny elemental shirt +10

items: R99 Robe set (+4/+6 parts, 120att), R99 retri clean, Hat 10%matk

exalted quest: part 3 done  http://imgur.com/a/ppsYh

rune 30d exp 200% and eva rune 30d unpacked in WH

60k+ PA points

faction: http://imgur.com/a/iRg1m

few skills +7+8 (main skills)

In WH u can find many usefull items like:

- blood crystal from atelia 200+

- daily coins 1000+

- mantee coins 50k+

- few bewr/bear

- few maphr scrolls

- few shirts +0

- EoD 200+ ...  and many others


The character was not punished !!

contact: Pm me Here on forum for more info

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