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Some Java (New Object) Explanation.

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Ok i have a question that bother me 5 seconds now


Let's say we make a class and this class just do something 

public class Spammer
    final L2PcInstance _player;
int index = 0;
    Spammer(L2PcInstance player)
 _player = player;
    public void start()
ThreadPoolManager.scheduleFixedRate(new Runnable()
public void Run()
  if (index == 5)
}, 1000, 1000);

The code is really to explain you.


So let's say we do   new Spammer(player); 

this will start the threadpool and after 6 times it will stop send player a message. 


But what java do afterwards? What happen to this class created as new object ? It get fucked up garbage collector since its not doing anything ? 


I did a code that basically create a new object for vote but i was wondering after the time expire and give reward or no give reward what happen to this class? 




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