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Web-site: http://dewell.pro

Forum: http://forum.dewell.pro



EXP/SP - x50;
ADENA - x40;
DROP - x15;
SPOIL - x15;
QUEST - x1-10;
RAID - x4
EPIC - x1;
Premiun account: +50% or 70%
About the project:
One of the best Epilogue files
Huge advertise company, include all TOPs (Russians / EU / Latins)
Modern in-game interface (include 5 game panles, advanced macros, auto att and much more)
Fast players support (Ticket system)


Main information:
Auto learn skills, include 81+.
GM shop with all items (till A grade) 
Hellbound is 11 level from the begining
Fully working quests for Vesper armors and weapons
Buff slots: 28 + (4) / 12
Fully working craft PAP items (with critical craft chanse - 2 items per 1 craft)
Sheme buffs (60 mins)
Usefull functions .talisman .relog .acp
All professions in 1 click
No quest for subclass and sertificate. Max level for subclass - 85
Mamon's function (add / delete Lifestone and Essences) via Community Board
Offline shops: .offline
Auto CP/HP/MP: .acp
Seed of Destruction:
Avalible after 50 Tiat kills
Next: after 20 Tiat kills
SOD stones: 6 hours
Enter Tiat: 18 players


Seed of Infinity:
Avalible after 20 points (added vesper)
Drop: around 2-3 items
SOI drop stones: 3 hours
Enter the Ekimus: 18 players
Custom advanced armor system: a lot of costumes, shields, hats, which you can make the same as your armor. All of this you can check befor you buy the item.
Enchants and Attribute:
Weapons: 66% (Max +16)
Armors: 56% (Max +10)
Jewels: 54% (Max +10)
Safe enchant +3 (full +4). If enchant failed, item becomes +3.
Class changes:
Cancellation and Steal Divinity.
Cancellation takes 3 buffs.
Steal Divinity takes 3 bufs.
Clans and allys
Clan level when create: 5
Max clans per ally: 3
Academy's auto invite via Commynity Board
Fully working clan skills.
Forts sieges: 1 time per 2 hours
Castle sieges: every 2 weeks
Territory wars: every 3 weeks
System message about enemy's class
Max olympiad restore points: 18. In order player has less then 18 points/
Enchant: 6/6/6
New heros every 14 days. Heros will be avalible in 12:00 (gmt+3)
Olympiad time: 18:00 - 00:00 (gmt +3)


Usefull commands:
.help - usefull server's commands.
.cfg - pricate character's configs.
.acp - auto CP/HP/MP.
.lock - link character to PC. 
.password - change the account's password
.repair - repair stucked char
.whoami - full information about the char
.offline - offline shop
.km-all-to-me - summon all clan members to leader
.bot - target the player and report about the bot
.party - check if somebody has the premium account in the party
.talisman - stuck all talismans on 1 slot
.relog - momentally relog the client
/instancezone - shows time left untill instance
/olympiadstat - your personal olympiad staticstic 
TVT (any level)
Time:00:00, 04:00, 08:00, 12:00, 16:00, 20:00.
Deathmatch (any level)
Time:02:00, 06:00, 10:00, 14:00, 18:00, 22:00.
Last hero (any level)
Time: 19:30, 20:00.
Event's features:
All event's locations changed to the new places
Rewards: chests of luck.
Epic Bosses
b590c85aaa02.png Quenn Ant: 40 level. Respawn 24h + 30mins
b1957341735b.png Core: 50 level. Respawn: 36h +- 30 mins
e1f2e33e072c.jpg Orfen: 60 level. Respawn: 36h +- 30mins
0cae78529235.png Frimtezza: 85 level. Respawn: 48h + 1h.
ebf5ad2531a0.png Baium: 85 level. Respawn: 5days 20h + 1h
8ccc043fd2b6.png Antharas: 85 level. Respawn 8 days 21h + 1h
b5c28e12d55a.png Valakas: 85 level. Respawn 11 days 22h + 1h
750565af1e43.png Beleth: 83 level. Respawn 7 days 21h + 1h
Zaken Day: Enter from 55 level. Minimim players to enter: 18, max players:27
Zaken Night: Minimim players to enter: 27, max players:450
Flame of Splendor Barakiel: 70 level. Respawn: 24h
Drop: last hit
From the start all raids are dead, exept Barakiel.
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I like your preview and the client you choose.Make it more clear for quests,wich is x10 rates. Interesting


At the moment we will start x50 rates. Later, if the community ask us, we can make some/any changes (rates or w/e). We will follow the suggestions. 

Thank you for your interest.

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At the moment we will start x50 rates. Later, if the community ask us, we can make some/any changes (rates or w/e). We will follow the suggestions. 

Thank you for your interest.

i was talkin about q rates,you say x1-x10.Wich quests have rates modified?

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