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Wts Chars/adena @skelth (Updated)

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The prices on some of the following accounts are not final,ask me @ skype




Spoiler 52,40% 60+ days Sub left 60eu



Dark Avenger 72,5lvl ,fully geared +AQ or naked , taking offers


SR 53 70eu 30 days Sub SOLD


Prophet almost 49lvl all books learned(IT HAS DW!!) 90eu 7 days sub SOLD




SPS 69lvl and 83% with 70 lvl skills learned,bracelet 2 40 exp scrolls 30%,800 oly marks ,with 50 lvl sph in same acc 150$ ( 90 days sub)SOLD


Necro 69lvl,bracelet lvl 2,60 exp scrolls 30% ,liberate talisman 120$/or 45kk adena SOLD


Overlord 61lvl 40% 90$  SOLD

WL 51 lvl 60% 50$  SOLD

Bishop 55lvl 70% geared 90$  SOLD

EE 57lvl 50% geared   SOLD

Spoiler 52 geared 60$  SOLD

Prophet 52 all books learned  135$  SOLD



Dasparion's Staff pm for offer in adena or $ SOLD

items: bw robe set/doom robe set/avadon robe set+4333 ,bo jewels

payments via  paypal 



for detailed info skype : the QQmore

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