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Selling Eu&us Wow Gold, Always Cheap, Instant, 100% Trusted


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My skype is store4mopstore4mop.png

Please add my skype through the skype button, make sure you are talking to the right person!

1.Currently Prices
US $0.22.99/1K- All realms
EU €0.17/1K- All realms

Delivery usually finished within 10 minutes.
Please contact me to ensure the exact price and stock of your realm for instant delivery.

3.Trade Methods
Face to face
Action House
Guild Bank

Paypal/Skrill/Webmoney/Western Union

We will never ask your gold back after the transaction is done.Be careful about the scammers! Their names are similar to ours!

Email:cpcp1828@hotmail.com(also my paypal, if you are scary of fake one, you can verify if its my paypal)

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