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Trying To Edit Files In System But Get General Protection Fault

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Hello I try to edit some files in system folder (such as L2.ini, SysString-e.dat, SystemMsg-e.dat) of a CT 2.5 Freya client (the one with the tree and red sky login screen with "Freya" written on top left) but everytime I get a General protection fault. The game launchs well when I don't edit files.


To edit the files I use L2 File Editor.exe, click on File > Open & decrypt, I choose the file I wanna edit, change a name, for example in SysString-e.dat, line 150, I replace "ID" with "IDtest", just to verify that the edition worked, then I click on Save & encrypt. "CT2.5: Freya" is selected, as well as "413" for the encryption algo. When I launch the game with L2.exe I see the splatch (tiny picture of launching) then the General fault messge appears.


Can someone tell me what's wrong and what should I do to get rid of these issues ?


(Something very different but I can't copy/past on this forum, is it normal, like antibot protection ? I'm new, what should I do to be able to copy/past messages ?)

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I used patcher.exe after putting it in the system folder with l2encdec.exe, loaderCT1++.exe and some .dll, it created the backup folder and now I can edit files properly, it's fine, the game launches when I use loaderCT1++.exe. But I'd like to launch the game with l2.exe, how could I do so ?

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