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Ts3 Lobby Finding


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Hello CS:GO players.

We've always been alone once or twice and wanting to play a game with friends.

Every single one of us has had atleast once a troll in his soloq team.

But, I'm here to save you all.

Weird Gaming Community, Is a mostly lobby finding teamspeak community.

What do I mean with that?

All you have to do, is join our ts3 server, and wait in any channel 

of your desired lobby.

Also, let your friends know about our teamspeak, so you can gather there and talk.

We have RAGE HACKING lobby channels, LEGIT HACKING lobby channels & Legt lobby channels.

Each player, cheater or not, can use our teamspeak.

For more information, please enter our teamspeak at, 

wgcommunity.ts3.re or because the custom ts3 dns might not work.

(If this succeeds, a custom domain will be bought & the ts3 will get more slots!)



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