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Wts Feoh Dark Elf Soultaker Lvl 100 16Ap. L2Core


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WTS dark elf female feoh soultaker lvl 100 with dual 93 cardinal /subs lvl 80. full AP and subs skils. With arcane power!!.

!shinny elemental shirt +6/hellfire talisman/4slot brooch with brooch lvl 2 diamond pearl obsidian sapphire.

Exalted Quest done lvl1.

Aoe skill +10

x2pack 7Days of top epic jewels.// x129 top grade love potion(rapsody party potion).// x3scroll 30% AP/sp 60min//x10 scroll of rose//9k PA points//x5 vitality potions//x4 vitality repleshing potion 1hours each//rodemai rune pack 15days.


WTS For adena or Euro(adena in core)

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