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interlude [L2J] L][Poseidon


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Site: www.L2Poseidon.Com
Blog: www.L2Poseidon.Com/Blog

(Available Patch For Windows 10 Users)

Server Info


Rates :
Character Level - 80.
Sp 5000x.
Adena 5000x.


Unique Features :
Main Towns - Heine.
Safe Enchant Weapon Armor +4 And With Bleesed +14 
Max +16 With Crystal Scroll.
TvT, Ctf, Dm Event Manager.
Give Tvt, Ctf, Dm Coin For Take Event Medal's And Get Special Items.
Full Npc Buffer With Auto Buff And Scheme Buffs.
Max Count Of Buffs - 60.
Max Subclasses - 3.
Balance Server.
All Sub Class On Maximilian.
Working All Castle Sieges.
PvP-Pk Colory System.
Dont Destroy ss (1).

For Send Message To One Offline Friend Just Write (.mailsend) And For Read One Mail Just write (.mailread).

Npc Custom :

Vote Npc Manager. 
Raid Boss Manager.

Raid Boss Gatekeeper.
AllinOne Gm Shop.
Event Shop.
PvP Shop.
Custom Buffer.
Pet Buffer.
Pk Guard To Farm Zone's.
PvP-Pk Color System.
Password Manager.
Clan Manager.

Top 10 PvP-Pk.

No Custom items :
Raid Boss Jewels.
Accesories That Give You +300 P.Def and M.Def.
Tattoo Absolute.
Noblesse Coin And Hero Coin.



Olympiad :
Retail olympiad game.
Competition period [1] week.
Olympiad start time [18:00] end [00:00].
olympiad only with s grade items.


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