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Gamecoast 7X Asgard


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MIAN: OTHELL  103 [Full skills]
DUAL: TYRR TITAN 102 [Full skills]

Brooch 5 slot:
Ruby 3
Opal 3
Garnet 3
Diamon 3
Obisidian 3
Pearl 3
Amethyst 2
Emerald 2

Eva shirt +7
Insanity Talismant
Skills +7 - +17

Agument Giant silence

lvl2 aghation Libra

Exalted satus: 2sub quests in Last phase of Quests

Premium 2 months left

On same account ISS HIEROPHANT 101 with POM and insanity


WTS FOR ADENA - PM for more info

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