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Wts Feoh Archmage Lvl 102/ Iss Hiero 101 (Pom) Exalted

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With shiny shirt + 7, sapphire lvl 4, emerald 4, obsi 3, pearl 3, diamond 3, aqua 3, tanz 2, cat 3, agathion taurus lvl 2, char is exalted with 10% exp buff, +10INT, +5 wit legendary dyes on feoh, + 12 CON on iss, homonkulus celestial, homonkulus refresh CD, toy knight's gift box 7 day, PA for 10 days. 78k pa points.agathion joon pack.

All aoe skills +10 in feoh, arcane power kept, double cast + 11, air rider +10, arcane barrier + 14, some skills + 4/5. chain blaze (skills lvl 100 learned)

all sonatas +6 in iss.

Pm offer in adenas, stuff in core or paypal only.

skype: williamlefebvre69


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