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Npc Auto-Cast Skill




coul'd anyone share a simple code or similar made object to make own made NPC recharge mp to anyone who aproaches it at some closer distance (not too far).


I figured one simple way out on my own: I made npc as aggro, and signed skill for him to use Recharge + val="TARGET_AURA. It worked some way, on Hellbound,Gracia,H5 projects, but for some reason on Interlude it instead of cast Recharge - hits you physically when you stand next to it. I don't want him to use anything physical, only magic skill - mp recharge type.


If there is a simple object written, where I could adjuse JUST few things like npc class and skill chosen, pls share..


Not beeing good at it I still tried to experiment with few similar examples in Eclipse, some didn't work, some couldn't even ant build it, and could not resolve errors, I did manage some to understand and resolve, but some did not.

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