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L2Dex Full Geared Wind Rider/zaken

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Selling characters  L2 Dex 25x High Five Server !



Class: Wind Rider lvl 84

Skills enchated:
Backstab +27 duel

Lethal blow +15 duel
deadly blow +15 duel

bluff +12 chance

(most second class skills all +15, including passive)


Vesper Full Jewel Set +3
Zaken Earring

Vesper Noble Leather Set (+4 breastplate)

Attributes lvl 4 - got enough resources(stones) to enchant lvl 7.

Weapon: Vesper Dual Daggers +4 (Aug: Party recall), Attribute: Holy lvl 7.

CP Shirt +4

Mithril Belt

Zaken's Cloak

Pirate King hat


Adena: 1,9bil
Tod: 370


Dark, Holy, Wind stones: 100

gc mastery: 8

warehouse full of HIGH lvl craft materials.

incl dynasty full robe set(wizard)




class: Storm Screamer lvl 85

Skills enchats:

Hurricane +27 Wind weakness

Vampiric claw +23 Sap

other skills +15 or above


Subclass: Lvl 75 Warcryer, lvl 75 warlock

Noblesse: yes


Gear: Freya's Cloak


There's also doomcryer lvl 79 as a bonus :)


Offers to my skype:

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