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96 Eviscerator (Core) Full Geared

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Eviscerator - 97 lvl

dual class - Tyrr dreadnought - 87 lvl


26 days (now) of premium account!


Seraph leather set

all parts - 3x120 atribute

+34333 enchanted


+7 blessed specter fighter +300 fire + 2x SA fury/critical death

+4 blessed apocalypse stormer + 300 water + 2x SA HP drain/might

+3 shadow fighter 150 atribute


3x Legendary Dye +3STR, DEX-2 fire resistance +5


+3 STR hat - little angel wings STR


Talisman - Destruction

La vie en rose brooch - emerald lvl 1. Tanzanite lvl.1


Octavis shirt +2STR,+1CON etc.


Freya necklace


istina bracelet


event immortal light set

all parts - 3x60 atribute


event Requiem stormer

+150 holy




some atribute stones


4K+ PA points


offer EURO in PM


only via PAYPAL

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