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Wow++ - 2.4.3 Blizzlike Without Frills! 1X Rates, No Rewards System, And Much More!

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WoW++ - 2.4.3 Blizzlike without frills! 1x rates, no rewards system, and much more!
As the title suggests, WoW++ stands for an unfussy Burning Crusade Server, which is still under development!
We are writing our own core from scratch because old ones like Mangos and co have many issues as a result of many people working on it over the years which don't fullfill our standards of performance and perfection.
To keep it short, here are the important facts + some impressions:



  • Team and project has been working since 08/2015
  • No more annoying SQL work, we use an editor just like Blizzard did, where u can edit NPCs, objects, etc. directly without searching them in hundreds of SQL tables
  • Database patches from 2.0 to 2.4.3: NPCs, objects, etc. which were modified during that time will be changed with these patches - precisely Blizzlike!
  • Detail-loving!: We try to research every last detail and want to reproduce it in the best way we can! Pure nostalgia! - precisely Blizzlike!
  • No advantages for anyone! Even if you are a rich fellow, superduper developer or big boobed milf! Every player will be treated the same way, whether he works in the Team, donates a lot or does nothing! 1x rates for everyone, etc! - precisely Blizzlike!
  • Clustering: X different Maps on Y different Servers! Example: if there is a crash on Kalimdor: players on Outland or in other instances won't even notice it as the only map to crash was Kalimdor. This is scalable, e.g. we can also put just single Raids on single maps, if there is a crash in Magtheridon's Liar: you can still raid Gruul or Karazhan ;-) - precisely Blizzlike!
  • 2 Realms - Crossrealm PVP! 1 english speaking Realm + 1 german speaking Realm (if u come from different countries you will still be able to use language packs) which will be connected in battlegrounds an arenas to reduce annoying queues! Players from one Realm will be only available to come in a team with other players from the same realm. - precisely Blizzlike!
  • Dynamic Spawnrates: if there are 100 players in a zone (e.G. Nagrand - Elemental plateau, starting zones, etc.), there will be a higher spawn rate for NPCs and Objects than if there were only 1 or 2 players. (won't affect Rare-Mobs or Non-Quest-Objects!) - precisely Blizzlike!
  • GM-Revolution! Game Masters don't need to be in the Game to respond to tickets anymore! This can be done from the sofa with a tablet, on the train with a Smartphone, or during the raid in a different Window on the Desktop! Less waiting time for Players - more flexibilty for Game Masters!
  • Loot System: World- and Specific Loot! Everything will drop what It's supposed to! From all NPCs all over the world, all levels / Zones, crates, etc.! 
  • and much more...!

As you can see from these few points this is not a common project! We plan on the long term: So we already decided to create a WOTLK Server in the future, when the BC expansion is done! Also: precisely Blizzlike! 
By the way, Team really means "Team"! We won't decide anything without listening to all voices from all team members if there is anything important to decide in their work area! The communty will also be fundamental in taking important decisions concerning the Server (such as: "recruit a friend, realm-cross-auction house, and so on!") But remember: we won't scale down the expectations nor discussing the rates!
Now go on our site, register, bookmark it, talk to us and if u also want to join the team: just message Homer in the WoW++ forums! Don't be worried about your skill set; there is always a playce in the team for you, if you  think you can contribute just conact us! Don't be scared!
We are specially searching for skilled and willing-to-learn core developers, who allready have some experience in technologies like C# / MySQL / C++ / CMake and want to extend them!
With our Head-Core-Developer we have one very talented developer, who also professionally works as a Game-developer! He will teach you a lot ;-)

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