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85 Cardinal + Kookaburra

84 Eva's Saint + Kookaburra

85 Sword Muse

85 Spectral Dancer

85 Doom Cryer

85 Phoenix Knight

85 Ghost Hunter

85 Duelist

85 Doombringer


All Chars are noblesse, with all subclasses done and subskills learned.

9+ Olympiad matches done on all chars with decent points.

Most skills enchanted to +7-10, most important skills are +15 (CoV, Party UD, Rush Impact, etc...)

All Chars come with Full A/S Grade Armor and TTS Jewel Set.





2x Full IC Sets + Full Element Resist
2x Dynasty Robe Set [Healer] + Full Element Resist
2x Dynasty Leather Set + Full Element Resist


Vesper duals +4

Icarus Hammer


Adena ( 1€ = 100kk )

Blue Soul Crystal - Stage 16





3x Zaken Earring

2x Queen Ant Ring

1x Frintezza's Necklace

1x Baium's Ring




If you are interested in any of the above listed items then leave me a PM and we will figure out a price. Cheers.

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