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L2Jgroot Rev 4.4


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Description: Build Team L2JGroot Team

Website Team: http://L2jGroot.com/
Developer: Groot
Chronicle: Interlude
Rev 4.4 Public

Date: 09.10.2015

TimeFree (no Time Limit's)


Attention! Warring! Spick changes,fixes, presented below, can be duplicated, again, similar in meaning, etc. (as it is proprietary and could be written somehow, and at different times).
Cut all that concerns the client. The Assembly has no time limit. Cut the log by version. Logs of changes are intermixed (not chronological order)
Headwig here though, and new, but let's just say...in some places, leaves much to be desired, unfortunately only recently (7.10.2015) brought it to mind finally. There were many forces were killed, but it works well. Gobeleny Headwig also went public, but I think it will be next year.
Download: Rev4.4.zip

* Work Seps
* game / config / mods / champion_mobs.properties
ChampionRewards = 2.01
ChampionAdenasRewards = 0.25
Now supports floating point. With this can now increase or reduce the award.
+ Server Item Guard - came to substitute a config MaxCoutItem
The same functionality, but now without the lag + c convenient output logs
* Fixed DUP to Aden (for those who like to put the important factor in weight equipment)
* Rewrote the method of identifying players online
* Query optimization in the database for an online player
* Private method validation Player Online
* The mechanism of the sample character (added a couple of checks + logs)
* Fixed a bug where it was possible to run offline on Trade
* All activities are associated with the objects - hard char to check online (2 solves the question session, covering even the slightest suspicion of it)
* Fix which lets you draw a weapon in an argument
* Reworked care method to offline trade
* Reworked the method, NetPing Player
* Significant optimization and preparation for the transition to the new geodvig
-Fixed: Http: //forum.l2jgroo...ties/#entry1571
+ Added check messages in the PM (as a minimum protection from bots and spamma on the server)
The level of
By the number of time spent in the game
Premium / no premium
* Fix Dupa through offline trade
* Redesigned to calculate the coordinates of spawn monsters and cundukov
* Fixed NPC at roofs
- StrictHeroSystem = false now works correctly. The player can put Hiro weapons if configuration included
By default, you can not take part in the competition, with arms Hiro.
* Rewrote the class is responsible for day and night NPC
* Fixed the "Night of Belarus" - 25328
 -Removed Longer used classes (mostly old GEO)
* The code responsible for the GEO brought to mind (refactoring): removed superfluous, significantly cleaned up the trash left from Lucera.
* Varningov missing config: config removed, the old Marketing
* Now when you stop the experiment, continue to receive SP (we stop the same experience, but not SP)
* A bug in the farm Zaken (added in the processing of summons GEO)
* Skill Dodge is working properly (thanks TeJIo)
* When resets HTML (// reload html) and someone had time to talk to NPC - NPC became not working.
* AltBlacksmithUseRecipes = false configuration works correctly (Now we do not require prescriptions from the cara)
 Highly processed class positioning of characters / objects in the game world. Alas, it took (in debug) a pretty decent chunk of time. On the lower
+ Validation object position in the world.
* If the spell fails for textures, it returns to the last point before he fell through or on the surface.
* If absolutely everything is bad (stuck bezvylazno charms and the system was not able to pull it), send force in Giran (center). (And not very good, but the choice is not particularly)
* Reworked the method falling char. Now, if the spell fails in texture - do not give him the damage. If the spell just falls give damage.
* Fixed an issue where the damage was given a goblet or two more times (not completely, but partially)
+ Config: SyncMobSpawnCoord (always better to put false ... the truth ..)
+ Config: PathFindMaxTime
+ Method respawn door handles
* Now with GEO work correctly door (can not be allocated)
* Optimization of Marketing and memory allocation (unloading long unused squares)
* Cosmetic changes (cleaned up a little code of excess)
* Problems associated with failures chars
* Ability to download Off Marketing (conv.dat)
* Cosmetic correction (GEO is now only writes the final number of squares and leyerov) that would not clog the log
* Silent finalized and opitimizirovan pathfinding
* Mobs no longer provalivayutsya under layers of geo
* Fixed a bug with the ability to Samonas (binding to GEO)

* DUP using ArtMoney through WH (as reported by one customer he works, I tested it, and could not dyupnut nothing for an hour trying to), but added to the test:
-the possibility of substitution of things
* Reworked the method of Random (library took Apache).
Tested, like works a lot better than what it was. Random smoother and uniform, which is clearly not enough old randomayzeru.
* Skill Sancellation:
With the advent of the new randomayzera it works more efficiently, namely:
-Snimaet 1,2,3 skill, than at a fairly good rand, rarely 4, rarely 5.
-Prohozhdenie Skill: is the first time passes (no need to shout that 100% chance), it is random, then as lucky. Often triggered 8-10. On average 3-6 as good and should be.
-Now Not remove buffs (ID): 1355,1356,1357,1363,1413

* Work on the GEO (in fact roll back to the previous solution, it turned out to be more stable)
* Fixed a problem with fixed Dupa possible through the wormhole (where only add 1 item)
* The assembly does not start on localhost and for a local test
* Re-fix related to "The goal is not visible" door and the NPC.
* Fixed Network A Powerful Primeval Creature: very small chance of loot dinosaur eggs (increased from 1% to 10%)
* Fix if config AnnounceWorld = was specified LORD, DUKE, CLANLEADER or PREMIUM (or a pair of values, or all, does not matter), announced the entry of players with nicknames: LORD, DUKE, CLANLEADER, PREMIUM
* Significant optimization of the server:
Reworked some of the methods associated with the resources and facilities
Much of the work on memory leaks, but unfortunately not yet final
Job pools
Minor fixes related to the optimization
* Fixed an issue where the GEO always ship. Now, if the GEO off - do not ship it
* Preparation of assembly work on additional licenses
* Optimization of the assembly (eliminated a couple of small leaks RAM)
* Finally fixed a problem with the door (The goal is not visible)
* Finally fixed the problem with mobs:
-Zavisayuschih In the air
-Provalivayuschihsya In texture
- "The purpose is not visible"
* Fixed an issue with TA from Baium after his death
* Fixed quest: The Name of Evil (Part One)
* RB that appears only at night - there is dead. Fixed
* In connection with the new GEO moving, opened an old vulnerability: Cheat Patch. Fix. In fact made worse (if we do not yet know sad.png)
* From all 70+ RB even give small lvlam experience after the 20th lvl somewhere: Use config: party.properties ---> PartyMaxLevelDifference that have a high lvl, I could not take in the party, small, and everything. // NOTE: To be honest, I do not consider a bug. Just set the normal level difference.
* Now when the PC or carrying the cursed weapon can not be taken subclass. Since this caused critical, all the players in the city.

The updated configuration chat.properties
The updated configuration champion_mobs.properties
Geo Version: 1.37

Edited by L2jGroot
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У вас не достаточно прав для загрузки данного прикрепленного файла.


You do not have permission to download this attachment.


and i create an account ...

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У вас не достаточно прав для загрузки данного прикрепленного файла.


You do not have permission to download this attachment.


and i create an account ...

yeah happens :D  i think i couldnt register when i wanted some stuff from there too ^^ sh1t happens. tho that web should be nice if you know russian cause they make a lot of mods

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