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[Australian] New Wotlk Private Server

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Hello! Thank you for viewing this thread and your time is appreciated. We are in current need of people for our new server!

Please read the information below.
















So what? Are you planning on make another Blizzlike 3.3.5a server?

There are very few good quality Blizz 3.3.5a servers out there. We are here to change that vision and smash our expectations. We are also, the only Australia/New Zealand hosted server that is currently doing this. (Other Australian servers are different versions, and there are very few of them)


What developers are currently working on the project?

As of writing this, there is only currently myself (Hatchet) and Jaw.

Jaw has been a good friend of mine and also very knowledgeable in the LUA field aswell. Together we form an incredible team and can achieve great results.  

However, we are welcoming to more people interested in joining our development team ESPECIALLY WEB DESIGNERS AND GRAPHICS ARTISTS

Other than that, its just the two of us. Which is why we need more loyal people for this project to become a reality. We have the tools, we just need to effort and motivation to do so.



What type of pack do you use?

We use a very stable TrinityCore base for the server. So far all quests, items, NPCs, dungeons and raids seem to be working. But we can't test everything and there may be errors. That's why we need players!


Wow, very original name guys.

Wait, that's not a question. But the reason why is because its a name that has been with me and Jaw since 2009, we'd thought to keep it like that even though is sounds 'cheesey' and that several other severs has used this name before (they seem to be offline though).


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