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Sunstriderwow | Pve & Pvp | Live 24/7 !

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About server:

Sunstrider is 3.3.5a

Wrath of the Lich King progressive

PVP & PVE Server

Following our successful

Beta Launch, the server is now live

Available for all players

The server is focused on the PVP Aspects of the game,

But offering a lot to PVE lovers.



Realm Info:

Progressive raiding

PVP Tournaments

Dedicated Staff

No pay-to-win

20x XP rate

Powerful specs


Website: http://sunstriderwow.cu.cc/

Realm list: set realmlist


We are soo sorry for soo long downtime, but it seems then owner is on vacation for few days, I'll let you know ;)

Server is setting up by new owner. Previous owner now is co-owner.

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If you have any questions tell me here!

More info soon!

Note: Website and game status will be edited when it change, they're color is green for you to know.

[Website Status: Soon it work...]

[Comment:                            ]------> We apologize for downtime, please be patient!

[Game Status: Soon it work...   ] (Problem: On the 4th April 2015, Our server, were hacked and downed by an anonymous source. We are working hard to maintain the servers and put them backup and running.


Note: Updates will be write here, they're color is yellow!

Working instances: Ruby Sanctum,Eye of Eternity,Naxxramas...

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