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l2phx works???


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Look dude phx is "almost" dead that is why we make a post whit servers where phx works




u need 200 post to see it but , in that post are a list of servers where phx still works (and which tricks whit phx u can try)



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maybe someone could tell me 2-3 server in whick l2phx works plz i really need this one!!! plz


i think there is only enchant and announcements exploits working, u cant summon items, its not working anymore, so u need 200 posts, to see servers.

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1rst wrong section.

2nd As anubis told.. l2 phx is almost dead. There are few m0re servers that working.

3rd There is a topiC that shows l2 phx working servers but you need 200 posts.

4th To tell you what the post says if you dont have the post count is prophited , so dont pm me again to show you hidden topiCs.. i will not do it.


1rst warning for u.



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