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L][-Ring Serverio Informacija:
Rates: Exp - 1500x/ Sp - 1500x/ Aden - 50x/ party Exp,Sp - 2x /Drop Raid - 1x/Drop Boss - 1x / Drop for mobs - 1x/ Spoil - 2x/ Quest - 2x.
Premium account rates: Exp/Sp - 3000x / Aden - 100x/ Drop for mobs - 4x/ Spoil - 4x.(only buy from Donate Manager)
Vip account rates: Exp/Sp - 3000x / Aden - 70x/ Drop for mobs - 2x/ Spoil - 2x.(Can buy all this status with G Medal Manager)
Chance to get a skill in the augmentation process:
Chance with Mid Grade: 3%.
Chance with Hight Grade: 7%.
Chance with Top Grade: 16%.
Scrolls Chances:
Chance For Normal Scrolls:
Weapon: 80%
Armor: 80%
Jewelry: 80%
Chance For Blessed Scrolls:
Weapon: 100%
Armor: 100%
Jewelry: 100%
Chance For Crystal Scrolls:
Weapon: 100%.
Armors: 100%.
Jewelry: 100%.
(if weapon enchant level = 0, first enchant level is +5, next is default(+1))
Crystal break +32
Max Enchant +32 / Safe +5
Max with Crystal scroll +40
# Client - Interlude.
# Custom Items.
# GM shop.
# Custom Items shop.
# Pc Bang Shop.
# TvT Event.(Team vs Team auto event: Enabled, every 2 huors(reward with Npc Manager))
# DM Event.(Death Match auto event: Enabled, every hour (Reward with Npc Manager)
# Starting Level 75
# Olympiad system(not allowed dual box, same ip not registered).
# Olympiad start 17:00 end 23:00.
# Hero Change Every Three(3) days, 23:01.
# Olympiad Validation Period 12 Hours.
# Olympiad Weekly Period 4 days.
# Hero skills only on main class.
# Mods/addons Only Ring Server:
# Augmentation system.(only four augmented item with character inventory,active skills gave big use skill time and very BIG skill reuse)
# Anti farm system.(Party,clan,ally,box,Level)
# Nobless, no quest, not needed items and not neded go to npc. Nobless status auto gave if you gave subclass and subclass level is 75 or above).
# Ring anti pk guard/ patrol system(All character auto jailed 30min from guard/patrol if have karma(disabled) and character gave paralyzes).
# L][Ring Medal Manager.
# Ring Server Mods/Addons End < 
# Spawn protection 20s.
# More server commands: .buff(all buff,scheme buff, restoring last buffs and etc) <<< work only in peace areas! .gmshop / .gk / .repair / .nopckarma(remove karma) / .respc(rescured your self), more info with working command list in game, use command .command
# All Raid respawn time: 1Hours, Raids is two types: Solo and Party Raid, and two breakdown: Weak and Strong.
# Epic Boss:
Antharas 3-4H(Party)
Valakas 5-6H(Party)
Zaken 1H(Solo)
Core 1H(Solo)
Ant Queen 1H (Solo)
Orfen 1H(Party)
Baium 1H(Party)
# Offline shop system. (sell/buy with L][-Ring Adena)
# Tattoo's 3 types (Mage, Fighter, Master)
# Class Manager.
# Duel system.
# Pc Bang system.(every 30 mins you rewarded 140 points)
# Anti-Heavy system.
# Castle siege system(all sieges crown if wearing gave custom skills(best Aden Castle)(Future work will sundries)), sieges every 4days.
# For more info visit our website!!!
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