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Exp: x9300 | SP: x3000 | Adena: x5500
Drop: x1 | Spoil: x1
- 100% Uptime
- 100% Private Source platform Final Gracia.
- Fully authentic and correct gameplay.
- Instances/Skills correctly reworked.
- 1st/2nd/3rd Class Changer available.
- Unique Features.
- 100% Official GamePlay.
- Custom Server
- LameGuard - Block all Programs.
- Vote Reward System
- Special Commands
- Active GM 24/7
- Retail Lineage 2 Final Gracia (CT2.3) - Game Play!
- GM Events!
- Geodata/Pathnode Installed
- Custom Olympiad System
- Spawn Protection
- Skills Work 100%
- Nexus Event
- Mini Event
Safe Enchant: +3/4
Maximum Enchant: +20
Read system message when enchanting for rates.
SS and BSPS are applied automatically.
Starting 80 Level
Starting with S-Grade Items (+20)
Starting Zone
Custom Farming zone's with custom monsters, drop, stat's, etc.
Max level is level 95. Experience slows down after level 85.
When you kill someone you gain fame, exp, random item and skill enchant chance, and chance to get a PvP token. When you die, you lose fame. All of this is also affected by gear difference.
Buffs do not exit on death regardless of your Noblesse status.
You will get Noblesse status automatically when you kill Barakiel, Noblesse enables you to obtain the Noblesse Tiara and participate in the Olympiad.
You can also buy Caradine's Letter in the Misc section of the mysterious merchant for 20 Festival Adena (20 Billion Adena).
At starting out, to get basic S grade items with Adena, look in the Wondrous Cubic. 
Mysterious Merchant is the advanced items seller.
If a buff or toggle skill that you cannot use it means it has been made passive.
Default # of buffs (including dances and songs) = look on buffer.
Shift + click on monsters to see what they drop and their stats.
Sit down for greatly increased CP/HP/MP regeneration.
Orc Village is a PvP town that's limited to S80 equipment and under.
Gludin village is free for all.
Max Clans in ally: 3
- Lilith (Lv 94)
- Anakim (Lv 94)
- Ketra's Chief Brakki (Lv 93)
- Varka's Chief Horus (Lv 93)
- Sailren (Lv 93)
- Shadow of Halisha (Lv 91)
- Karpencharr (Lv 93)
- Solten Folysai (Lv 93)
- Master Anais (Lv 92)
- Lidia von Hellmann (Lv 92)
- Alfred von Hellmann (Lv 92)
- Ember (Lv 91)
- Anakim's Nemesis Zakaron (Lv 91)
- Queen Shyeed (Lv 92)
- Roaring Skylancer (Lv 90)
- Palibati Queen Themis (Lv 92)
- Cherub Galaxia (Lv 91)
* Have and More..See in game!!! *
- Mysterious Merchant (Advanced Items)
- PvP Merchant (PvP/Rare Items)
- Blacksmith (Legendary Blacksmith)
- Hakenstern (Forbidden Skills)
- Cat Buffer (Buffer)
- Randolf (Warehouse)
- Yin (Attribute Master)
- Avant-Garde (Transformation Wizard)
- Sabriel (Kamaloka Teleport)
- Malkion (Antharas Watchman)
- Cahira (Raidboss Instance)
- Test Dummy (Weak)
- Test Dummy (Strong)
- Token Machine (Get Donation Here)
These mobs that have the appearance of real players adds a nice contrast to the usual humdrum of L2's mobs' appearances.  Much of these APCs you will encounter appear and act almost exactly like a normal player, with skill sets of the corresponding classes they represent.  They will kite you if you have lower run speed than them, they will root/slow you if you run away, and they will UD/UE/Heal if they get low, they WILL assist each other, there are APC healers that will assist, buff, and heal their APC group. 
Many mobs found in L2Monster have a large radius or grid, in which they spawn in a random location set around a predetermined point.  Mobs such as Grave Keepers, Xelathouls, and many rare mobs, and a few APCs share this mechanic.
L2Monster's mainstay, it's collection of truly unique stat modifiers and set bonuses makeup a large part of our content.  From Relic Jewelry to Armor to Accessories, every item has a different bonus, mix and match them to create powerful combinations.  All armors have a extra custom enchant bonus when the entire set reaches a certain enchant.  You won't find most of the SA's on L2Monster anywhere else!  Some of these include
  • Armor Penetration
  • Magic Penetration
  • True Damage
  • Increased Damage as target's HP is lower
  • When target's HP is low increases movement speed
  • Increases True Evasion when HP is low
  • Titanium Weapon Active Skill: Sudden Flash, Increases Crit Rate, Attack Speed, and Accuracy for a short duration.
  • Dread Armor Active Skill: Lex Talonis, Reflects 500% Physical damage and 100% Magical Damage (Includes ranged attacks and skills)
  • Ignore Shield Defences
  • 360 Degree Attack Radius
  • -200 Damage from all incoming attacks
  • Increased HP received from HP Drain Skills.
  • Damage increases as distance to target increases.
  • Uninteruptable Casting, while casting a skill P.Def is increased by 1000.
  • When Target is bleeding, each attack deals 50 extra True Damage
  • Too Many to list!


In order of level here is compilation of L2Pride's Jewelry's descriptions:

Dynasty Jewels

Vesper Jewels

Relic Jewels

These are one of L2Monster's lowest armor tiers, Dynasty.  Dynasty has 2 levels, level one is easily obtainable level 2 uppers will take some more to farm up, the level 1 Dynasty main piece is consumed when you upgrade to level 2.  Here is the entire selection of level 1 and 2, just to give you an idea of the class specific stat bonuses. 

Dynasty Set Level 2

Dynasty Set Level 2.5


There are many different item groups and tiers, for players to work their way to the top.  Here is an example, Dread Weapons, one of the highest weapon groups you can obtain.

Dread Weapons



Enchanting on L2Monster is like no other server, some people love it others prefer the more usual way, of blowing up items over and over forever until they reach the desired enchant.  But on L2Monster almost every item tier has a different rate/safe enchant.  Almost nothing crystalizes on L2Monster, with the exception of rare weapons and unique weapons.  But we won't go into those weapon categories, gotta save something right?  Instead of crystalizing weapons and armor usually will return to +3 on failure.  Some items may only be enchanted safely passed +10 with Blessed scrolls.  Enchant scrolls on L2Monster work out like this:
Normal Enchants - enchants items within the safe enchants at the normal rate of the item tier. 
Crystal Enchants - -10% rate, but on failure will not break a weapon that is passed the safe enchant.
Blessed Enchants - 15% higher rate than normal scrolls, these enchants are required for some items.  On failure blessed enchants will return a weapon to +10, instead of +3.
Legendary Enchants - 25% higher rate than normal scrolls, these enchants will not break items, nor change the enchant on failure.  Legendary enchants can surpass the max enchant of some items. (Dynasty, Vesper, S Grade) If you fail while using this scroll it will not announce.
Forbidden Enchants - 100% Success rate, ultra rare, forbidden.
When enchanting at high levels a system message will appear with your result, but not just in the immediate area, the entire server will see your success or failure, the message will display your name, the item you failed and what enchant you were going for.  Also something you don't see everyday is the warning message that pops up in your system messages every time your about to enchant an item.  Once you place the item into the window the message will display the rate that particular item has, and the penalty for failure, be it set to +3, set to +10, Destroyed, or None.  Another interesting point to highlight would be the fact that the rates for all items change as the enchant goes higher.  Meaning the success rate for enchanting gets lower and lower every enchant.  Except for S grade Epic weapons, which are very rare and expensive, they have a static 75% enchant rate that never diminishes.  However, enchanting an S Epic weapon passed +7 will be destroyed, there is no safe enchanting past +7 for this tier. 
All of the buffs you could ever want are in our Cat Prophet, which can be found in every town, the Cat Prophet also heals, dispells buffs and saves buff schemes.  But that doesn't mean all buffs can be found in the Cat Prophet, buffs like Victories of Paggrio, and the combo buffs are still only obtainable from players.  The combo buffs have been turned into short duration party buffs that increase the stats they represent, on top of the buffs already on your list.  Also these combo buffs along with other self buffs do not count as buffslots.  Mages and Dagger classes have 26 buff slots and fighters have 28.  You can increase these by 2 buff slots via the divine inspiration manuals, which can be bought for a fair price in the Mysterious Merchant.
  • Team vs Team vs Team
        Team with the most kills wins. People are in 3 different teams fighting each other. Blue team,Red team,Green team. The first player who will kill someone gets his name announced as '[GM]Over has drawn the first blood!' and you are getting rewarded with 1 event medal.
  • Castle Sieges
    Attackers must breach the walls and doors of either Rune or Aden and seize the castle while the Defenders must hold it for as long as they can. But that's not an automated/scheduled event it's launched manually by us.
  • Capture the Flag
    Classic Red Team vs Blue Team, each team must abscond with their opponents flag and return it to their own flag, but if its not there they won't be able to score!
  • Deathmatch
        Players are spawned in the Coliseum and must kill as many other players as they can, the top 8 players with the highest kills wins the event, but try not to die, you will have to wait 10 seconds to be respawned! 
    1 zone,2 teams. People should stay under a tower,the more and the longer you stay under the tower the better.



Our Community Board has the usual Top 25 PvP/PK/Fame, but what's unusual about it, is you may click on the player's name and it will show you their character information, such as equipment, level, class, and enchants.  It will not show Dyes, Elements, or Augments.  You can navigate to the Equipment Veiwer from the Top 25 List, or the list of online players.  The Community Board also lists the custom commands for L2Monster, such as .lockdown and .accD. s not an automated/scheduled event it's launched manually by us.

Top 25/Fame/PvP/Pk List

Equipment Viewer



Afraid one of your friends might make off with your new armor or accessories? Yea, me too.  This is where Lockdown comes in handy, simply type ".lockdown <0.0>" time in hours, example ".lockdown 1.3", and your account will be locked down for 1.3 hours.  Meaning your character will not be able to preform an action that can potentially cause harm.  Such as; enchanting, trading, dropping, deleting, PKing.  Now, not really, you can still pk while locked down, but your character gains karma it will be instantly jailed for a minimum of 5 hours and a maximum of however long his/her Lockdown time is set for.  To check how much time is left on your Lockdown, type ".lockdowntime"

On L2Monster our accessories sometimes to look odd when used together, more cosmetic than anything, the command ".accD" (which is caps sensitive) will toggle the physical appearance of your accessories 1 at a time.  Other players will see your character normally. 



One unique feature which allows the player to change his password whenever he wants,wherever he is. But in order for someone to change his password his must type his secre code first. WE DISCOURAGE PEOPLE SHARING THEIR SECRET CODES WITH OTHER PEOPLE. THERE IS NO REASON TO DO THAT.
L2Monster's All-In-One service item, provides all the basic features you require.  I would like to draw your attention to the Additional Character Stats, it's a very nice feature and mechanic for people are are interested in knowing the little things, previously unknowable about your character.
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