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Hello guys i want present new interlude mid rate server.











party exp.1,50x 


party sp.1,50x 





Quest reward.2x 

Quest drop.5x 

Raid boss drop.5x 


maxWeapon (simple/blessed) 16 

maxArmor (simple/Blessed) 16 

maxJewelery (simple/blessed) 16 




Augmentation NG Skill Chance = 5 

Augmentation Mid Skill Chance = 10 

Augmentation High Skill Chance = 15 

Augmentation Top Skill Chance= 25 


GM shop up to B-grade 

Event/Vote shop (can be found at GM shop) 

PC Bang shop (can be found at GM shop 

Materials recipes shop(can be fount at Gm shop) 

Materials shop (can be fount at Gm shop) 

Donate Shop 

Wedding Manager 

Augmenter (can be fount at Gm shop) 

Nobless Trader 

Classes Trader 


GatekeeperVortex (Noobie zone/Townships/kingdoms/catacombs/Necropolis) 

Merchant/Blacksmith of mammon (can be found at Giran City) 

Additionat Info

life stone/skrols/books (stackable) 

26+4 buff Slots (6 debuff) 

BuffTime 2 hours 

Class Changer free 

Sub class free 

Nobless with caradine letter 65 lvl in GM shop or (nobless trader) 

Auto Learn skills 


Mana potion (1000mp delay 1.5sec) 

Blessed Enchant after failed item become +3 

Karma can be killed in town (use gatekeeper) 

Karma start drop item from 5 pk poits 

1 character can have 4 sub class 

tvt/dm/ctf events every hour+ (info) 

PC Bang event(start from 61 lvl) 

Grand Boss Respawn Time

- Valakas: 190 hours + 2 hour 

- Antharas: 190 hours + 2 hour 

- Baium: 110 hours + 2 hour 

- Frintezza: 48 hours + 2 hour 

- Zaken: 60 hours + 2 hour 

- Queen Ant: 40 hours + 2 hour 

- Orfen: 40 hours + 2 hour 

- Core: 40 hours + 2 hour 

- Flame of Splendor Barakiel: 6 hours + 1 hour 


1 week period 

Server Comands

repair char .repair 


And even more, join and find out!

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You should change your website. the codes are outdated even for a ripped site...  If you don't want to invest money use atleast a newer shared website.

Edited by l2obscura
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and you think you are smart :D you play in website or in game ?


smart with what? just wrote a fact to you now it's on you to let it as it is or to fix it...

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Do not busy, the server have.. no future :)


There will be 0 players.. there is many reasons why it's gonna be like that :P

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whats with all these mid rates?


why would people pick YOUR SERVER which offers NOTHING of interest instead of going on majorly populated mid rates like l2 damage or l2 survival?

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we have made some good thinks e.g stackable enchat/life stone/bogs you cant find meny sever c6 whit this option, and dont forget we talk about c6 no custom ! if i like made custom i can do lots thing tattos and etc etc , but we like mid server so if you dont like i dont ask you come play 

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we have made some good thinks e.g stackable enchat/life stone/bogs you cant find meny sever c6 whit this option

Made my day.. :troll:


1. poor shared old site

2. poor topic / advertisement

3. zero features

4. zero professionalism

5. your english is not even average



List is long.. I just want to inform you that, your server will fail.. EU ppl won't play on it :)

Edited by SweeTs
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another thing, i think you write here only for get post poin :D

Do I..? :dat:


Anyway, use edit button if you want to add anything, there is no need for double post (you post hunter) :P

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