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WTS Dex X3 Valkyrie / Iss + Tyrr Warrior Lvl 91 Good Gear Price Updated!


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I want to sell my Human Tyrr Warrior(Duelist) lvl 91 on GoD Server Dex x3 Valkyrie.

Due to job I am pretty inactive now and thats why I want to sell my character.


- +4 Apocalypse Dual Swords Health SA and 200 Fire + glowing Augment
- Immortal Heavy Set

- Twilight Heavy Set ( only Breastplate missing)
- Subclass Quest done, didnt start a subclass yet.
- 50kk Adena in Inventory
- Warehouse full of items and lowbie gear

Following Skills are enchanted:
- Force of Nature +4 HP Recovery = 4% Heal
- Duelist Spirit kept from 3rd Class and enchanted to +5

:not bad: Price 35€ :not bad:

Also selling an Iss enchanter lvl 89 50% (female, Bladedancer)


Price: 15€



and 40€ for both Accounts ;-)

You got questions or interests? Pm me on forum

Character has a good reputation.

Accepting only Paypal or bank transfers.

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must be stupid  if someone will buy from you when a l2 dex admin posted in your topic .

chars will be deleted


read rules : http://www.lineage2dex.com/#!rulesl2

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we already banned your accounts & chars Aby**** . We normaly dont interfere but we hate idiots like you (x2f65395.dyn.telefonica.de).


good bye :)

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go and try to bring some more people to your server .. or try to make one that doesnt dies in like 1 month :D and stop banning people haha !

poate iti fac o vizita :)

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