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[share]MacroGamer + guide - autoclicking bufs/quests/enchanting etc.


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so several ppl were writing me for a script or tool to use for buffing,enchanting on HR server or make som quests (like the nobless quest - the mixing part) that are using buttons that walker doesnt recognize.





And i have some time to write a solution for those problems.The answer is http://itoady.com/= .


Ok something for the start : every user has to make the script for its own,cz everyone has a different l2 client settings,resolution,server playing on ...


Now : setting up : just dl the program from the site linked above and start it. (u have to have GG disabled to use it,cz the GG is blocking the program of recording key pressing,mouse moving etc.) On the main window 1st go to "View > Settings" and there setup the shortcuts to start the program recognizing the userdefined macro hotkeys and the start/stop record macro shortcut.




Bind them on those keys u dont use and u wont accidently press them during gameplay (i use the + - keys on the numpad).

Now creating a macro : The program is really simple and all should understand how its working. So press the "Create New" button no the main screen.Now u will setup options of the new macro




write the name of the new macro and check the mouse recording boxes : Record delays,Mouse clicks,Click position. I dont prefer to record the mouse movement cz the log will be huge and harder to edit and i dont like to watch how the mouse is moving by it self (its creepy ) and it would be slower. ok now set the hotkey that will activate the macro when its ready. If done,dont close this window - leave it open and ready for recording.


OK now open the l2 client (gg disabled) and go to the spot or chat with the npc u want to use the macro on - like the npc buffer on the screen above.

Now i will write how do i buff with that npc (other npcs on other server can act differently when u buff so dont have to make every step just like i do).When i get to the buff part i start the the recording with hotkey i set. Now all mouse click positions will be recorded with the delay bethween them.Also mouse wheel usage is recorded to ( DONT SCROL TO FAST OR THE SCRIPT WILL NOT BE CORRECT,USE THE WHEEL SLOWLY IF U HAVE TO !!! ). Now i slowly start clicking the bufs what i need.When im finished i stop the recording.


Note : Dont move the npc chat box,cz if u move it,the macro wont work anymore,make it by default opened window,or move it to a corned and try to press the buttons to the middle so if the window is a bit moved,the mouse will hit the buttons anyway.


Now go back to the macro setup window.There should be a log in the leftside of the window with the mouse location and button clicking. If u save it and run it now it should work,but it midht be a bit slow. So depending on the server u are playing on (conection delay) u can edit the delay btw the mouse clicks so u dont have to w8 so long for buffing.


U can set up a new macro the same way for some quests or other npc chats.


Enchanting is the same.Just get XXX enchants and things u want to enchant,place them on your bar and start recording the macro.Click on the enchant,then on the item u want to enchant,press ok and confirm the result.




Use the macro repeat function if u want to do it more then once. I recommend to put other weapons/armors of the same grade in the WH (if something should go wrong )


Small tip : Enchanting on HR is better with a OG walker like OOG l2w or l2divine. U can enchant items with no delay in the og mode.


U cant creater very interesting things with this soft,so use your imagination and post it if u make someting cool





CRETIDS TO: emir0n my friend:)

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ty for karma!

Soz i forgot to put credits! but dont say bad words man i see something that was good and i post to my forum to help my community thats all i modiffy my post with credits!

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