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[HELP] pc shut down after starting l2


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Well there are many things you can try:


1)Check your free hard drive space (you need some free space in your drive to open your programms f.e L2.exe)

2)Check your RAM ( especially for Gracia client you want a RAM with much capacity)

3)Scan your computer with the Anti-Virus you use (maybe a virus causes that problem)


Also some usefull advices:


1)Don't run too many programms at the same time.

2)Restart your PC every 3-4 hours.

3)Avoid playing L2 all the time :P

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well i found idiot solution for this... ;p  when i start l2.exe  i press the  alt+tab to minimalize... and in a 20 seconds i maksimalize lineage and playing... ;p dont know how it works but works ... ;p 


thx anyway

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