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Psaxnw Dev !

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Psaxnw 1 dev m tn opoio na mporesei  http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/180575-interlude-trances-l2gold-project/

na asxoli8ei m auto t pack ...  dn exw idea gia auto pls mn spam k vrizete ..dn uparxei logos.

dld na m ftia3ei allo gm shop 1 new custom shop m auta t item t opoia 8a t pw na exei ,buffer, 2-3 farm zones k 5 rbs place  t opoia na t valei sti gk !

ta droplist to ti 8a petane k t chance..k kapies mirkoallages sta stat tn class...


fusika 8a uparxei plirwmh gia perisotera stilte pm!

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