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Info on chests

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  I play on retail servers, i got a dagger , i dont ussualy use "cheats" or the sort, but this  time i had enough. I play a dagger and said it would be a good way to make adena with treasure chests, so i waited to get summon key skill, made 100 keys of lvl 3/4/5 in total and went around aden town cause it has lvl 45 chests there. first day i got NOTHING, only some mats and adena (lik1 1000 ) from like 20 chests, the rest, ALL attacked me. second time the same, no scrolls no nothing. Myabe i would have made more money if i sold keys to shop :| . What i want is if any1 can give me or direct me to some program or whatever to see wich chests DO give items and wich dont, i saw many files ( npcname-e ) but they dont work and are not made for CT2, most int and c5 stuff .


ty and i await an answer :) gl .



btw i found a file "npcname-e.dat", its for CT2 as the rar says but i get this error when i start:


General protection fault!


History: FL2GameData::LoadL2DataBin <- FL2GameData::NpcNameDataLoad <- FL2GameData::Load <- UGameEngine::Init <- InitEngine





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3 things ,

1 u r nw so np but next time when u need help post in [Request] General Help


2 u can use search ^_^


3 i am good person so i help u ;P



Link : http://depositfiles.com/es/files/4889333




dude belive me this was hard to find cos all the patches that are to recognize treasure chest/box are for interlude xD


good luck ;)


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yes, tyvm for pointing them out :)


i`ll use request next time ..


still...they dont work , some l2 error message , i tried all ways, with GG killer , without, still dosnt want to work :/ , damn retail .


ty for the help anyway :)

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