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Neverendless Servers (3.3.5 10X) (4.0.6 5X) (5.0.5 5X)

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Join an AMAZING community on the most feature-rich server available! Professional, dedicated, helpful & friendly staff; 3 Realms to pick from: Non-Custom MOP 5.0.5 Hellscream realm with a Binary downloader that gets you online in 5 minutes; Non-Custom 4.0.6 Cataclysm Realm; Custom 3.3.5 Realm with the best core around;  Most Pro Staff in the Pserver Universe; and features found nowhere else. Our hard working staff will entertain you with events, help you with your issues and keep the hackers from ruining your game play.

Come and see all the features that continue to make NEVERENDLESS - - ONE STEP AHEAD!!!

Special Features:
• Anti Arena farming
• Out of Game Website Ticket system
• Bug Report System
• Multi-Realm Global Channels
• Townhall Meetings
• Social Media
• Vote/Donation Shops
• In-game Vendor
• Custom Items  (Arthas 3.3.5 Realm Only)
• Many other features coming – including Character/guild transfers, Lottery events, currency conversions, and more


Neverendless Plus
features to enrich your gameplay at Neverendless and your social experience in- and out-of-game including:
• Remote Auction House  
• NE Plus Tags  
• NE Plus Chat
• Teleport NPCs

Forums / Teamspeak / IRC with:
•    Help sections/channels
•    Guild sections/channels
•    Class sections
•    And more

Organized Events
Themed Holiday Events
Special Tournaments/Events
Out of Game Events for themed holidays or special events



Core: Customized Trinity Core
Server Type: PvP
Patchs: 3.3.5a/4.0.6a/5.0.5

Arthas: Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5a (version 12340)
Custom Items realm
• Experience: x10
• Gold Drop: x15
• Item Drop: x10
• Honor: x2
• Reputation: x3

Deathwing: Cataclysm 4.0.6a (version 13623)
Hellscream: Mists of Pandaria 5.0.5

 NO Custom Items realms
• Experience: x5
• Gold Drop: x3
• Item Drop: x3
• Honor: x3
• Reputation: x3

Production Hardware
CPU: Intel Xeon E5-1650 (6 cores/12 threads)
Speed: 3,2 - 3,8 GHz
Hard Drives: 4x Intel SSD S3500 (300GB) + 4x 2TB SATA3 HDDs
Connection: 1000Mbit download, 500Mbit upload

IF this sounds like the server for you...come check us out at NEVERENDLESS and don't forget to ask about our Character/Guild Transfer Program.


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