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[HELP] character freeze on l2j serv


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Hello. I tried to set up l2w (1.79 for Interlude) on l2j server ( http://l2phoenix.ro/ ). Everything is ok only for minute (char auto-target and attack mobs). After one minute my character freeze. I can't move, can't target, can't even write when everything around move normaly, ppl talking etc.

I tried to find reason. I also tried to set up there oog l2w but unsuccessfully, I dont know how to set it up corectly (got "->Link VerifyServer Fail.")

Anyone know reasons of this freezes?

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Ok, I found the way how to set up this bot w/o freezing;]

I checked that L2.exe dont even use GG, so problem is in system folder. So i decide to use same folder that is used to DN (Dragon Network Interlude System By ZoOoOoM) I put there l2.ini and start l2w;] the only problem is that I dont see custom items, but for boting is not necessary. Anyway thanks Tomi for trying to help me;]



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