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[Gracia] L2 Hate


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L2 Hate




Newly created high rate Gracia pvp server with many custom features


Rates 300x exp 300x SP  rate 1x drop rate 1x spoil rate 400x adena rate


There is a custom area (Underground Coliseum) and (Emerald Square)






Custom Buffer: These buffers allow you to choose a set of "scheme" buffs. 4 schemes per character. Auto buffing with no cast time. Allowing for faster hunting and less time lost in towns


Custom Augmenter: All of our passive and active augments work. This custom NPC sells all you need to make your weapon your own.


Custom Gm Shops: Our GM shop sells everything you could want or need. Armor sets, weapons, potions and even the funny hats. One stop shopping makes things more efficient.


Custom Apella armor: Full sets of Dynasty and Appella armor, with set stats and bonuses.


And much more!






All the mobs drop eas,ews, beas, bews, eaa,beaa, lifestones at a increased rate

They also drop gold einhasad which is required to get the custom apella armor, so yes some farming is required but its not so bad, and its worth it  ! xD


There is a custom shop which sells RB jewels and custom shirts to get these u have to collect letters and glittering medals , the whole world is one big pvp zone! so u'll never be bored


Well i dont wanna spoil it for you ..xD so here is the link to the server  http://l2hate.webs.com/index.htm come try it out , you wont regret it =)


And if you decide to come play on the server , please register to the forums, and visit this link and say that i referred you :p http://l2hate.forumotion.net/register-f12/register-t44.htm (Iggy/Nyuu)


P.S. I am not a gm on this server, i am just advertising because i really like it and i want more players, just try it out ^^ its a really nice server with many features u wont see anywhere else =)


To connect, you will need a Gracia client


Edit your current host file: localhost nprotect.lineage2.com L2authd.lineage2.com l2testauthd.lineage2.com


Thank You

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