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[Exploit] Hunter combat trick


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Hey guys. Have you ever been running through a highly enemy populated area, and get attacked and dazed off your mount?


Well, when you get dismounted, your pet is automatically spawned with you, and you are forced to fight the mob that attacked you.


Well, to get out of this, this is what you need to do:



Feign death and let your pet get all the aggro.


After your pet has all the aggro, put your pet on passive and click on your mount. You will automatically mount up, and your pet will despawn!


Run away!


Credits to Sabens

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ya on retail i dont think that will work hunters pet if they are in combat u are 2 there is no mounting up for u


i just aspect of the cheeta and run till out of combat and mount up again, after u get so far away from pet it will auto dismiss.

or in some case i unmounted set pet as passive, send him in first to attack them all ones and than run by with with pet earth fighting them or with him following me dont really matter in some cases

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I honestly think that when your pet is in combat, you are in combat, or at least if the monster has attacked you, you get in combat, and don't leave until you are far from the monster.


So I think this is not actual.

But you can always use Aspect of the Cheetah, while your pet has all the aggro.

get away and mount

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