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interlude L2Providence 50X


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Official L2Providence Features         http://www.lineageprovidence.tk  http://www.lineageprovidence.tk




- Beta Available Now! -

- Grand Opening - 14th of December 2013 -



Server type:


* Lineage II: The Chaotic Throne: Interlude

* L2jProject



Server rates:


* EXP: 150x

* SP: 100x

* DROP: 35x

* SPOIL: 1x (But not needed)

* ADENA: 35x


Official features:


* All areas working

* All skills working

* Geodata working

* Clan system working

* Augumentation system working,

* Single and party duel working

* Cursed weapons working

* Castle sieges working

* Clan Hall sieges working

* 24 buff slots

* 6 Debuff slots


Unique features:

* Phoenix Weapons added

* Phoenix Armor added

* Advanced Phoenix added

* Unique Siren Raid Boss added

* Phoenix Armor (NPC)Recipes added

* Customized Upgrade for Phoenix Armor -> Advanced Phoenix

* Elven Scrolls, Dino Eggs, Siren Egg,Raid Token

* Custom Player vs Player, Vote, Donate Reward System

* NPC Shops style 100% retail-like





* Elven Fortress ( Solo/duo area )

* Elven Scroll drops

* Boosted XP

* Anakim,Lilith, Doom Blade Tanatos, Malex Raid Bosses in the End

* Gordon Raid Boss Available in Elven Fortress Spawn


* Mithril Mines ( Solo/duo area )

* Boosted Adena

* Boosted XP

* Phoenix Ingredients Craft(no spoiler required)


* Primeval Isle ( High-lvl PVP/ Group Farm Area )

* Boosted XP

* Boosted Adena

* L2Providence (Raid Boss Siren Location )


* Imperial Tomb Chaotic ( Main PvP Area / SA S-Grade/Life Stone Chance Drop)

* Boosted XP

* Boosted Adena

* Four available rooms for farm and to fight for

* Random Raid Boss Event spawn


* Spawn protection

* Scheme Buffers 

* Global Gatekeeper

* Auto learn skills

* Anti Buff Shield (toggle skill that blocks all unwanted buffs),

* Giran as Main Town

* Class Changer

* 70+ lvl Raid bosses drop Raid Tokens

* Castle skills

* Class Balance

* Subclass can be used without Quest

* Nobless Quest retail like (quest items for Elven Scrolls available)

* Offline shopping system

* 1st step: Set up a BUY / SELL shop

* 2nd step: Exit the game with the shop on, like High Five client.

* Your shop is now registered as a offline shop


"This server was based on L2Sublimity Interlude Exile project."


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nice server suggesting in if you want to play on a serious project here it is :D even if it is .tk it worths a try

Thank you for your feedback. :D 


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